Frequently Asked Questions

What is MineCache? MineCache is a unique add-on for Google Earth Pro on desktop computers that has a few layers useful to prospectors. These layers are shown over satellite imagery in Google Earth allowing you to get a 'birds eye' view of potential prospecting areas.

MineCache can also be accessed with the webmap feature that requires no download or installation. Webmap works on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Historical gold locations from USGS.
  • Current active BLM mine locations from the BLM.
  • Closed BLM mine locations from the BLM.
  • Public Land Survey System grid layer.

I can't login! There are only a couple reasons for this.

  • You must type in your username and password exactly has you entered them when you registered.
  • Your browser must accept javascript and cookies.

You can reset your password here.

MineCache does work on phones if you use the Webmap.

Google Earth on mobile devices does not support all the necessary features that MineCache needs in order to work properly.

Currently MineCache with Google Earth will only run on desktop or laptop versions of Google Earth on Windows, Mac, or linux operating systems.

In the Webmap or on Google Earth Pro, MineCache displays the Public Land Survey System section lines for the section that the claim is located inside of. Typically each section is 1 x 1 miles in size.